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I'm Jerry Faraino - Entrepreneur and Career Coach living in Nashville, TN. My mission is to help people identify their passions and capitalize on their talents. With a strong background in sales, entrepreneurship and teaching, I'm uniquely qualified to assist people in:

(1) discovering what drives them

(2) prioritizing their goals

(3) channeling their skills to achieve lasting success.

Jerry is a certified administrator of the Keirsey Assessment. The Keirsey Assessment guides Jerry in his evaluation and counsel of people in their job selection. This tool has reached more than 100 million worldwide and has a well-documented history of successfully matching people’s aptitudes to potential career paths. Jerry received a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University, which ignited a lifelong interest in human behavior, especially as it relates to performance, decision-making and life fulfillment. 

Career transitions are times of tremendous opportunity, in spite of the sometimes overwhelming ambiguity. Whether you have just started to consider switching careers or you have always felt that you are not well-matched to your current occupation, I serves as a resource to transform the career search from a daunting process into a liberating one.


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